Saturday, October 30, 2010

S. Drake Streetman, American Artist, 1944-

My good friend and X-neighbor is getting ready to ship out paintings that she has been working on for the years since Katrina. These are going out for a fund raiser to continue help for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf. These paintings are remarkable both in their design and vibrant colors.  I'm impressed by the motion, color usage, and the design.  The work is by no means ordinary,rather extraordinary. 

Streetman has taught art to children and young adults encouraging them to think out side the box not to be influenced by what others are doing, but to be true to themselves and to follow where their mind leads them always pushing the envelope.

We hope that they will all do well with the show.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Terrible Weather for traveling

Wouldn't you know it. The last time Lewis was in Chicago, "the Windy City" a tornado hit the area just after he left. This time his contact emailed him Sunday after he had left at 4:30 am that he could not meet him on Tuesday as expected, but would see him on Monday instead. Lewis drove until late Sunday evening before fatigue took over and he was forced to stop. He met up with his contact retrieved his purchases and then some, and headed back out of town. Where he found a motel to spend the night. He awoke to fierce winds and rain with threats of high winds and tornadoes. All yesterday he was chased by storms buffeted along the highways. At one point he realized that tractor trailers kept in contact with weather up dates so he followed one to watch what it did. That night he talked to someone else who was traveling as well and that person said he thought the same thing but he actually saw 3 wheels of a tractor trailer lifted up off the road. We're glad that our Guarding Angel was watching out for Lewis, and his meeting was moved up. This storm was noted as the worse storm in the mid-west in 70 years.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Found Work by James Yoko

Lewis is on the road again. This time to pick up an interesting piece he saw in Chicago and could not fit it into his van the last time he was there. I think this was an excuse to go back for the food in Chicago (see last blog on Chicago). On his way yesterday he picked up Two nice "Modern Paintings" form the 1960's by Dayton Ohio Artist, James Yoko, 1916-2004.

I did some research and found that he and his wife had donated work to Dayton Art Institute. He donated the bathers painted in 1946. This painting was representative of modern trends in the 1940's.

Another of his paintings given to the Art Institute was Called Slowdrift. This is a complete divergence from his art in the 40's.

Another work by James Yoko was found while searching the web. Media Man is a Collage this painting also shows another aspect of his work continually changing with the times.

We never know what treasures a trip will bring. Lewis has arrived in Chicago and we wait with great expectations.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photographer and Furniture Designer Willy Rizzo

This week we are looking at the designs of Willy Rizzo. We found this interesting clip on youtube and thought we'd share it with you. In the sixties He made his fame by photographing Celebrities in Hollywood. His iconic photo of Marilyn Monroe was taken two weeks before her death. He did countless photos of celebrities in the 1960's.

In the seventies he decided to try his hand at furniture design. He did this with an inventive eye. The artistic eye which allowed him to capture the essence of the person he photographed also allowed him to use his imagination to capture and enhance the materials utilized in his furniture designs.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giovanni Michelucci

Recently I've really been digging the designs of Italian Architect Giovanni Michelucci (1891-1990) who was concidered one of the forefathers of modernism.  His designs remind me of a relaxed version of modernism.  Some modernist furniture pieces can be too slick and space age.  His pieces are pieces that are made to be lived with.  His buildings are timeless being both modern and archaic. 

I always like getting into a designers head and I found 2 photos of the inside of his house.  This is who he wanted to live.  Here are the photos of Casa Michelucci. 

I think I'd find this house easy to live in.  Love the mix of the old and new, the classical and the modern.  Simple clean lines and plenty of places to read a book!  So when you see his furniture it's a mix between his architecture and his own home.  It could easily fit in either place and it's both modern and timeless. 
"Torbecchia" Credenza by Giovanni Michelucci available at my shop

Custom Console Table by Giovanni Michelucci available at Donzella Ltd.

Pair of Michelucci Chairs available at my shop

Stunning Huge Dining Table by Giovanni Michelucci available from Lost City Arts

Architectural Arm Chair by Giovanni Michelucci designed in 1919! available at Donzella Ltd.   

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lewis visits the BIG APPLE!

Last week Lewis headed up to the Big Apple during the bad storm we experienced on Thursday. He visited a friend, and several shops that appear on the website 1stDibs. He took photos of some of the things that he liked in these shops, vicariously shopping.

The first shop he stopped was Donzella. The two pictures above are from this shop. The bedside table are by Paolo Buffa. The sconces are Barovier, andthe mirror is Fontana Art.

Here is a chest by Roberto Rida with mirrors and blown and cut glass appliques. This is a gorgeous piece of art.
Another remarkable piece is this console by Osvaldo Borsani an Italian Deco Designer of note.


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