Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Gillian Bryce was at the Modernism Show in Palm Springs

Painting by  William Fredericksen, Estate handled by Gillian Bryce

Our friend Gillian Bryce just got back from doing the Modernist show in Palm Springs California.  She shows with us at 214 Modern Vintage in High Point and travels all over with her great collection of  Art and twentieth century design.  She has a knack of finding wonderful and sometimes yet to be discovered artists. Gillian has a large following of collectors of unique and interesting pieces.

Crowds milling around Gillian Bryce's Booth at the Palm Springs Modernist Show

Water Color by Martin Sumers

Christopher Thurman, Sputnik Modern Booth at the Modernism Show
To see more of Gillian's items visit her website   Also visit Gillian and Lewis at the up coming High Point Market Show in Apirl


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