Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to get one of the Kilmarnock Auction Dogs

So you either have to come to town and visit the Animal Welfare Shop on the corner of main and Irvington Rd. to place a bid or if you can't get here call the Animal Welfare (75 North Main Street, Kilmarnock 804-435-0822). There will always be someone there Monday through Saturday to assist you. Bids Start at $75 with $25 increments. The Bidding ends on September 4th 2010. Good luck I hope you get the dog that you love! You will be helping out many deserving pups and kittens. Please check out our two blogs below on the Dogs with pictures of all the handsome dogs.

Friday, June 25, 2010

More dogs about Town

This is Tinker he is a rescue dog. This photo was taken after he had eaten a stocking and cost me a fortune, but he is worth all the money in the world to me. What a love! Bidding on these dogs will help lost dogs find homes.

Here's a picture of our dog Flash, who is a real super hero, working for the good of all mankind. He's off in a flash to save the world. He better hurry we've got all sorts of trouble out there.

Ceasar our mascot looks on from the window of Lewis Trimble Decorative Arts & Antiques he wishes he could be a super hero, or even be in the auction, but too bad Ceasar you belong to us and that's where you will stay. We all love you too much to ever sell you.

I started out to show you our dog Flash and a few others, but that was not fair to all the other great dogs around town. This is our nearest neighbor who sits outside of the Rappahannock Art League. Arty, done by Rappahannock Art League experimental group, wears lots of art on his back. Someone should stop that dog before he makes off with all that famous art. Now we know who stole the scream. A bid on this dog might just net you more than a dog.
Splash, by Lois Faulkner, sits outside of Booth's he is decorated with blue crabs and jelly fish. Be careful not to swim into a jelly fish!

Chesapeake and Crescent is the home to a big glassy eyed Golden Retriever, Daisy, designed by Jacque Colligan. It is so hot the tip of her tongue is hanging out. She won't make that good of a guard dog, but will be great with kids.

Boomer, by Anne and Johnny Hayes, sits in front of Anchor Pharmacy. What a sweet dog he is.

Sailor looks real enough to drop his basket and ask for a treat. He sits at the door of The Pedestal waiting for a good home. One with a dock and a sailboat please!

Rose, by Barbara Hope, is a sweet dog looking for a good home. No hidden motives here. She wants lots of love and kisses.

We actually thought that our dog would be the most outrageous or maybe the art thief next door, but nothing prepared us for Lily Swann's Grrrtie, the flirt, the wanton woman dog over at Hang Ups. She's will bring excitement where ever she goes. Take a chance on Miz Trixie Piggle, the Queen of the Howly Ball.

What's new in the Neighborhood

Kilmarnock Artist have been busy. Painting and decorating cement dogs to benefit the Animal Welfare League, an organization formed to aid and rescue lost and abused animals. This is close to my heart for we have rescued three dogs and a cat since we moved to the area. I don't think you'll ever find a more loving and appreciative animal than one who has been rescued. Three of the local antique shops have either made or hosted a dog for auction. The dog that we decorated is called Flash he is covered in mosaic tiles and tiny mirror tiles as well as shells, red coral, and reclaimed pieces of broken pottery. He was a joint effort by Lewis and myself with help from Saragrace Hendren and lots of in put from my Mom, Beverly Lewis. People are encouraged to place bids on their favorites and all profits go to the Animal Welfare.

This lovely white dog Biffwas designed by Bradley Stephens (my blog on Bad Brad). This is the proverbial Dog About Town. He sits among tiny houses and trees, and like everything Brad does this dog is done right. He currently resides at Comer And Co. on Main Street.

Chris Trimble, my oldest son, and owner of Trimble Tavern Antiques in White Stone designed a pirate dog using Fred Comer's Mollie as his model. (Mollie the Warfaring Pirate) Some how he did away with the basket and acquired a bone, a patch and a peg leg. Mollie sits next to the fire hydrant outside Noblett's. I could not resist showing you a close up of her head. As you can see a lot of people have gone all out for the dogs. Ink sits in front of Lipscombe's Store. This handsome pup was designed by my friend and artist Nana Gail Lauer.

Ace sits outside of Carried Away Cuisine, This ace of cakes was designed by our local Cake ace, Jackie Brown. What's not to love a great dog and cakes and cookies too, inside the shop.

Spot, designed by Sarah Soderlund, does not have the average spots, he some how caught the cat pocks. We are hoping that this pock will not spread like bird flu. Either that or this is the dog that ate the cat that ate the canary. He sits outside Nobletts.

Suzanne Mattingly's dog, Flora, is outside the Animal Welfare shop on Main Street. This is truly an elegant Pooch. She might just paint the town red.

Laverne, designed by Maribeth Memmo, is at Moxie's in town She's in her swim wear and sun glasses ready to take on the town.

There are more Dogs about town. I 'll zip around and take more pictures to up load keep checking out the Blog.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

News from Chicago!

Hey Everyone!
It's been a while I've been slacking off and not writing as much as I should!  The trip to Chicago was a blast I got to meet up with old friends and explore a new city.  That was the first time I'd been to Chicago, and I'm definitely going to go back!  We explored the city and found some great shops and places to eat!  The food in Chicago is definitely worth the 16 hour drive!  The first memorable meal was at Cemitas Puebla.  I had the Carne Asada Cemitas and it was excellent, the kind of food you literally have dreams of.  Whenever I goto a new place to eat, if the name of a dish is part of the name of the place order that! Cemitas Puebla was featured on the television show 'Diners Drive Ins and Dives', and it alone made the trip to Chicago worthwhile.  Many of the ingredients featured at Cemitas Puebla are locally grown, or are sourced from Mexico.  This is where most restaurants fail in my opinion.  The difference between something good and spectacular is all in the attention to detail. 

I then spent half the day trying to catch up to my friend Megan!  She called me and told me we were going to Architectural Artifacts.  I then get in my car and break out my iphone and type in Urban Artifacts, and I get the address and go!  Well I get there and she's not there, so I give her a call and she says I went to the wrong place.  I then look up Urban Remains, yeah I have no clue what I was thinking and I head out to that shop!  I end up getting further and further from Megan and then I have to make a rush during rush hour back to Architectural Artifacts!  Architectural Artifacts has a nice mixture of stuff, and has tons of great Faux Bois pieces they import from Argentina.  So after running all day I end up meeting my friend Chris at Kuma's Corner for dinner.  Kuma's Corner was a blast!  Nothing like some heavy metal hamburgers!  This place is awesome, not just for the classy decor, but also they had the Best Burger I've ever eaten!  I've had burgers all over the country and this one definetly takes the prize.  I order the Kuma Burger, which was a massive beast of a burger with a sunny side up egg on top.  I just googled Kuma's and evidently it too was on 'Diners Drive Ins and Dives'.   This was a wasted day as far as finding stuff for the shop, but I've seen enough architectural antiques for the rest of my life!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

All is Well That Ends Well

Lewis made it home last night. The worst traffic was around Washington D.C. who would have guessed. On the way back after having a wire fall in front of him, he has this weird thing happen.

He sees a man carrying a crowbar crossing the street looking suspicious. Lewis first thought was that the man was crazy and was about to hit some cars. He tried not to appear to be watching him. He wondered what was up. The man went over to a man hole and pried up the cover looked around to make sure the coast was clear then replaced the cover, lifted it up again, slipped down the man hole and pulled the cover back over his head. Yet another weird happening, Lewis managed to snapped a picture of him with out him noticing. Here it is.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the way home!

Lewis decided not to visit the shop out side of Chicago. It was an hour further than he had gone and 14 hours back home. So yesterday he started home with a mostly full van. This chest on stand is a piece that he found in the Chicago area. The doors open and there are shelves inside. What a great design! He also picked up a pair of classic art deco end tables. Buffa?
While traveling this morning Lewis saw some confusion on the road ahead. He had to brake suddenly because directly in front of him an electric line fell onto the road. What are the chances of that?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visiting Shops in Chicago

Lewis got to visit a lot of really great shops in Chicago. He makes it a point to visit 1stdibs shops whenever he can. He visited Assemblage Ltd. first. The above is of their shop.

Here is another interior shot of Assemblage with a great table.

The next shop that Lewis visited was Primitive Inc.

They have a lot of primitive pieces as well as great oriental and modern.

This last picture is of a large Peking glass collection. Tomorrow Lewis will visit another 1stdibs shop outside of Chicago.
Thanks for the pictures it's almost as good as being there. We look forward to your next installment.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chicago, Chicago What a Wonderful Town!

Well yet again Lewis is on the road. This time to pick up some items that he had hunted down. Yesterday he sent a photo of a great rosewood table that he spied in Ohio. Too bad he did not have room for that table, as he is picking up some large pieces. The hunt goes on. I asked him to send photos from the road. So, he sent this photo of his left overs from lunch. OK, Lewis so you drink diet Coke so you can do in two containers of ketsup with your fries! I actually think this photo is great, both in color and composition. He had a hard time antiquing on the way because you have to exit the toll road to find shops, paying a toll and then you had to get back on and get a ticket etc. In fact the state run toll roads had a monopoly on gas consumption and places to eat.....always fast food. Here are two photos from the road.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Too long since my last blogg. We have been busy cleaning and straightening the shop. We now have a mini hardware store in one of our extra rooms. Saragrace and I sorted and found all sorts of screws, nails, paints, lacquers, lamp parts,and tools. Now we have no reason to go to the hardware store. Think of all the money we will save.

Lewis has been busy going up and down the road. Yesterday he was in the mountains following a lead from a fellow antiquer. He came home with a Robsjohn-Gibbings klismos table for Widdicomb, Edward Wormley wing back for Dunbar, and a Mirrored Grosfeld House console supported with plume legs plus a great old murano vase. Today he delivered the Bronze figure of the Boy and the Thorn, Spinario, to a local buyer. I really loved that piece so we are really glad that it found a home on the Northern Neck.
Sunday he takes off again this time his destination is Chicago. He found two great pieces that he will pick up. He will also visit with Megan who was the original owner of Ceasar, Lewis' buddy and faithful dog friend. He is really excited to see his friend from Virginia Tech Days, Graham Elliot. Lewis had lost touch with Elliot as he was known at tech, until he saw him on Bravo's Top Chef Masters. He thought he recognized him from tech checked with friends, and yes that was his friend on TV. So while in Chicago he will visit his old friend and dine in his restaurant Graham Elliot.


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