Friday, July 3, 2015

Eighteenth Century enters into our mostly Twentieth Century Shop

We are still alive and kicking.  Sorry that we have not posted recently.  Time just flies by if you are having fun or not.  We have had all sorts of things going on.  During the very cold winter our heat pumps went out, and we were stuck at home while trying to get them fixed.  That however, did not keep us from continuing to add to our collection here at the shop.  You never know what you will find.

Sheraton Period demilune card table 1780

Just when we firmly established that we are dealers in twentieth century modern pieces, we run into an estate of really fine eighteenth century pieces.  Lewis brought home a hand painted card table from around 1790.  He also found a tall bureau signed and dated 1723.  This appears to be from somewhere around Austria.  Both of these pieces are in remarkable condition.  It seems that they came out of an antique dealers estate.  Unlike most dealers who keep those beautiful damaged items too lovely to throw away, this dealer seemed to keep the best for himself.

European Bureau signed and dated 1723
Another find from the same estate are a beautiful pair of eighteenth century cutlery urns.  These are monumental in scale and once again in remarkable condition. They are mahogany with banded boxwood inlay.

Sheraton period cutlery-urns


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