Monday, September 23, 2013

214 MODERN VINTAGE - New at High Point Furniture Mart

We are so excited.  For the first time we are expanding into a new venue.  We have in the last 4 1/2 years managed to fill to the overflow point our 8,400 square foot shop here in the Northern Neck of Virginia.  It truly is amazing what you can do in a small town if you are on the internet.  No small thanks to the formidable website 1stdibs. This has allowed us to maintain our small town residency and to sell to clients all around the world.

Rare Gilt Occasional Table by Sirmos

Now that our space is totally full of 20th century design pieces, we are reaching out.  Several friends who have the same strange addiction to the hunt for the fine and unusual are getting together to show at the High Point Furniture Mart this October 17-23. 

In addition to the usual furniture show rooms there are several areas that show antiques.  214 MODERN VINTAGE is the newest area among these founded by Steph Schofield of Stephanie Schofield vintage home and Steve & Hilary Eklund of Tandem Antiques.  Check out this on face book.

Lewis Trimble and I are going though the shop gathering together a collection especially for this market.

Lewis Trimble promo for 214 Modern Vintage High point Show

Steph Schofield of Stephanie Schofield Vintage Home 
Gillia Bryce
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Hilary and Steve Eklund


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