Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They say that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

Milo Baughman Original chairs as seen on 1stDibs
We have noted recently that certain Large chain stores have started copying some of the designs of the early modernist.  Some Antique Dealers get mad or more likely worried over this.  In the long run it will only make the originals that much more valuable.  What we find annoying is that they rarely give the original designers credit.  We first noticed this when furniture stores locally started carrying goods that seemed to be knock offs of some of the early modernist pieces that we have in stock.  It's nice that it is making it easier for some people to afford the look that they desire.
Swan Chair with Wooden base at Zig Zag Modern

 Crate and Barrel is making Reproductions of Milo Baughman's Classic Leather Lounge Chair.  They are giving him credit.  The prices run almost the same as the originals cost now.  Restoration Hardware is reinterpreting Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chairs designed in 1958.  They are offering them in aged and hair on leather. They too are giving credit.  Arne Jacobsen's Swan chairs are being copied all over.  The one above is an original.  A lot of places just sell knock offs without crediting the original designers.

We see a trend toward the early modernist and a blending of today's and yesterday's designs.  A refreshing mixture that ads zest to a home.


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