Friday, May 9, 2014

The excitment is building....May Brimfield 2014

Hurray, it is almost time to go shop and experience all the fun at the Spring Brimfield Shows.  For several years I have gone to and exhibited at the various Brimfield fields of Antique Dealers.  I have also gone just to buy.  You never know what treasures are out there waiting for you to scoop them up.  No matter what type of items you love to collect you are likely to be able to find them at the Brimfield Antique Show.

Today my son, Chris Trimble is packing for the trip.  He shows at the Meadows on the main road that goes though the show.  He takes up his 18th century antiques, and his large collection of Indian arrow heads.  Chris a history buff himself ever since first studying history as a child living in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Some how he found that living where history was made, actually helped history come alive for him.

I loved to search out good art in the fields there. I was brought up in Norfolk, Va. among art as my parents owned and ran the first art gallery it that town.  Both my parents were painter's and my Dad had a great love for art.  He was a self educated art authority.  The Gallery, Auslew, specialized in American paintings from the Hudson River School though the early 20th century. I spent much time as a young child in the Gallery especially in it's early stages.  I remember doing paintings in the back room when I accompanied my Mother there on school holidays.  Art just was in my blood.

Lewis, my youngest son discovered Modern design while studying Art at Virginia Tech.  He spent many hours in the Architecture library going though books on the various Architects and realizing that they were responsible for most of the early innovations in the designs of modern furniture.  He developed a great eye for both the design and the lines in very good modern furnishings and accessories.  So this is what he searches for.

We have a friend and customer whose family go every year to the shows in search of fine old books, and the great foods that you will find in the food courts.  Lewis wants to eat as many Lobster rolls as he can.  Chris loves the pilgrim sandwiches.  I loved the fresh Blue Berry Pie, and Lemon Aid.  There is definately something for everyone.


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