Friday, April 19, 2013

20th Century's "Bad Boy of Glass"

Erik Höglund (1932-98),started his career at the age of 21 straight out of school, working for Boda.  He did not follow the tradition path of glass making, in fact he managed to do most of the things that traditional glass makers tried to avoid.  He liked bubbles in glass.  He experimented with plunging hot glass in to water. He used potato peels in the fire and saw dust on his molten glass in order to get the desired effect.  He used bright colors, stamps, seals, and bubbles as his signature for his art.  He was a folk artist in glass. He exhibited both in Sweden and abroad.  He experimented continually with his glass work.

Chandelier by Erik Höglund
With the renewed interest in the early modernist movement, his work may even more popular than it was when he was producing these pieces.  This is due in part to his use of color and forms.  He masterfully meld together the vibrant glass jewels that he created with imaginative metal cases and structures. 


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