Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transitional Modern

One of my favorite things is what I like to call "Transitional Modern" which is classical styled pieces that don't fit the modern category and don't fit the classical category. They are stuck in the middle. The odd ducks in the pond who just don't fit into either category. In interior design work these pieces can bridge the gap in a room. The pieces can range from simple to over the top hollywood regency.  The chairs above with lucite legs were made by Grosfeld House and sold at Christie's Auction for around $55,000.  Grosfeld House was one of the finest makers of furniture in the early half of the 20th Century.  They produced pieces that were both classical and modern.  They even produced pieces for Vladimir Kagan.  Another example of good transitional design is the work of Italian Architect Paolo Buff, his work is very similar to Gio Ponti whom he studied under but has an elegance to it making it stand out anywhere it's placed.  He is one of my favorite designers as nearly everything I've seen that he has designed I instantly love.  The simplicity and elegance of his designs are awe inspiring.   The photograph below is a sideboard available in our shop by Paolo Buffa for Marelli & Colico.
There are many more designers from this period that bridge the modernist and traditional gap.  A noteworthy example would be the designer Tommi Parzinger.  Tommi Parzinger's moved to New York City in the early 1930's and soon came into his own in the design world.  In the late 1930's he was designing his own pieces for the furniture company Charak of Boston.  Charak was a high end furniture company and their range was limited to more traditional American Colonial and Regency style furniture.  The line Parzinger designed for was Charak Modern.  After WWII Parzinger opened up his own shop called Parzinger Inc which later became Parzinger Originals.  Here's a stunning example of some of his work for Charak Modern, available through the shop Converso in Chicago.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Great Delivery

Thursday Lewis headed toward Annapolis Md. to deliver an Anniversary present a customer wanted in order to surprise his wife. I think it was their 40th anniversary and she kept talking about some mirrors that she had seen in our shop. He decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and spring for he pair of oval eyelash mirrors. In order to deliver them within a reasonable time and in one piece, Lewis would drive them up. At the same time he could pick up a piece he previously purchased that he was not able to fit into his van. He called the husband while on his way up and they just happened to be on the same route heading in his direction. He asked Lewis to pull into a MacDonald's.

Mean time in the customer's car the wife spied our van clearly marked. She said, "Oh, Look, there's the van for that shop in Kilmarnock that I love. Let's stop and say hello.

Lewis saw them approach and pulled one of the mirrors out from the van with a sign that said Happy Anniversary. You should have seen her face. He really made her anniversary.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there is such thing as good design...

Here are the latest photos of Kelly Brown's photos of sun room at the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League's 2010 Designer House!  This room epitomizes how relaxed but formal & elegant a modern interior can be.  Other than a handful of trendsetters, Virginia interiors in the past have been filled with Chippendale style dining room furniture sets.  We'll have more photos as the Symphony House progresses.  I have photos from Tosca Roberts before and after coming up in the next day or so.  Hope everyone enjoys these sneak peaks and I hope they go to the House and visit!  Tickets are available here.  Used in her design were our own original set of Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs, each one branded with the manufacturer on the bottom. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Following a designer from start to finish...

This past week I had the pleasure to meet Kelly Brown of Kelly Brown Interiors, as she came to pick up some chairs for the Richmond Symphony House Designer Showcase.  We have a bunch of items going up there this year, and the house sounds like it's really going to be something!  Anyway I thought it would be nice to show the room as it progresses.  Kelly is a talented interior designer who is a recent transplant from the west coast. She brings with her a timeless modern look and eco friendly sensibility.   

Here's a beginning shot of the room...  The room already has good bones which is a major advantage, plus it's a perfect place for Kelly Brown's talent of transforming space.  She's bringing the outside in, and with windows and a room like this it'll feel like living amongst the trees.  In her design she is using a large cross cut oak table with a raw edge, 6 original Hans Wegner chairs, 2 living walls, and a lot more.  This room should be a highlight of the show.  Most interior designers tend to go all out and make rooms too busy to live comfortably in, however I think this room will be both elegant, and comfortable with tons of style.  I don't want to give away all the secrets quite yet so check back with us and see the progression.  Please visit her website or visit her facebook page for more information.

there's gold in them there hills....

Hey this is Lewis, I've been busy on the road and spending all of our hard earned money getting better and better pieces.  Here's a little recap of the last few weeks of life on the road.  I had a delivery to Pennsylvania, and I drove through Annapolis, Easton, Rehoboth, and Lewes Delaware  Stopping at all the little shops on the way.  I realized one thing, a lot of shops don't have antiques in them!  A lot of the stuff on the shelves was ordered from gift companies and had an antique "feel".  I tend to like the quirky junkier shops and that's where I find some of my best stuff. However I also risk exposing myself to some of the fringe elements out there.  Antique and junk dealers can be an odd bunch; I know this as I am one of them.  However this one shop had a theme going on, and usually theme shops can be fun.  This photo kinda explains the theme, and no I didn't open the bottom drawer.  The Richard Simmons drawer...  However I'm sure it was filled with short shorts and tank tops that say sweat...

So I resisted opening it, but now looking back it's kinda like eating a fortune cookie without removing the fortune.  It'll haunt me for the rest of my life, but some drawers aren't meant to be opened.


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