Monday, November 21, 2011

Aldo Tura

Swan Tea Cart by Aldo Tura
Aldo Tura started producing his furniture and decorative pieces in the late 1930's.  There was a new freedom in design and a new exploration with materials used.  He pushed designs in wood to the limit, using unique decorative coverings such as parchment, egg shell, and different veneers.  He used daring curves in his designs.  Because of the painstaking techniques he employed his design pieces were limited in number.

Aldo Tura Red Goatskin Table
Above is a Red lacquer Goatskin Table with a brass base in the style of Gio Ponti.  This is another example of the uniqueness of the Italian Design with the advent of early modernist design. Below is another example of the use of parchment, goatskin, in Aldo Tura Designs. The parchment was treated in such a manner that it took on the appearance of stone or a semi-precious jewel.

Malachite Green Parchment & Gold Plated Bar Cart by Aldo Tura
His pieces are prized for their uniqueness. Every old piece is cherished.  They seem to be enriched by the patina of age.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Influence of Current Events on Decorative Style 1950's

Massive Italian Brass and Enamel Sputnik

The 1950's was an exciting time to have been alive.  Man made his first trip into space.  Russia launched their Sputnik. In general everyone's imagination was captured by space travel.  The Sputnik, because of it's unusual shape fascinated people.  Everything related to space travel and space influence design.

Sputnik Light Italian
The idea of space ships or flying saucers sparked our imagination too.  The Roswell, New Mexico incident had us thinking already about flying saucers an aliens from outer space. 

Italian Flying Saucer Pendant Light
We have had our head in Space looking to the stars ever since. Always wondering and continually gazing upward.  We look to the stars and speculate.  There have been an abundance of innovative and marvelous designs inspired by outer space, as man has looked to the stars.

Italian Star burst  Venini Chandelier
Follow our link for more details on these. Lewis Trimble Decorative Arts & Antiques.Lewis Trimble Decorative Arts & Antiques

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Lewis is participating in Movember, helping to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men, by growing his mustache and the shop will match donations up to $100 total.  He is dedicating his mustache to his friend Robert Wells father , who is fighting the battle with brain cancer. We all have been touch by the effects of this horrible disease.  Lewis says he is not just growing it for looks, but to make a statement.

Monday, November 7, 2011

International Business !

We have made the transition from a local only business to an international one.  We buy from all over the world.  We have international taste, appreciating the world of good design.  We recognize the contributions made by the early modernist architect's who were forced to innovate new ideals in design to inhabit their buildings.  So much of this was done while still recognizing classic lines and design.  Interestingly enough, the combination of clean modern lines and the classic makes for superior design.

I think it is the combination of these elements in our shop that has enabled us to transcend from being a local business to a national, and now an international one.  From the beginning in our relationship with 1stdibs, we sold an item or two to foreign companies.  This last week it struck home.  We sold to France, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, and Canada as well as in the states.  Some of our furniture has gone to Los Angelos for Designers, Photo Shoots, and even Movies .  It is fun being on the edge of exciting things.  There is a thrill when you open a magazine and see an item that you sold being used by the Designer.


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