Friday, January 28, 2011

station ID

Hey sorry about being a little relaxed with the blog recently.  We've been moving and grooving!  We're in the process of changing the emphasis of the shop and getting one the hard to find stuff!  If you have stuff you think we'd like feel free to contact us, or if you'd like to follow us a little closer here's a link to our facebook page.  We regularly will be posting new stuff we like and stuff we are getting on there!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Detective work anyone for a Velvet Elvis?

Yes we have No velvet Elvis paintings.  But we have maybe something a whole lot better.  We have what another dealer represented to us as "Elvis's coffee table."  Although he did not provide us with a provenance, other than saying he had a picture of Elvis with said coffee table.  A customer showed interest in our table and I said "Oh, you like Elvis' table." 

That led to a hunt for a copy of the said photo of Elvis and the coffee table.  We had hunted before but to no avail.  This time, however, a picture of Elvis popped up on our computer  of Elvis with his foot on the coffee table.  There was a white piano in the room with the table and searching for the white piano and Elvis led us to other photos.  We are still not sure if this really did belong to Elvis; however, it is in the photos.  Who knows maybe it really did belong to Elvis.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bench Prototype Design originally for the Louvre Museum

We are always getting items in that have fascinating stories behind them.  Sometimes we feel like Antique Detectives.  You pick up an interesting piece and then you do research to find the history behind that piece.  Recently we purchased a bench by Jean-Michel Wilmotte.  Lewis had seen that people such as Holly Hunt were promoting Jean-Michel Wilmottes pieces.  When he found this piece he was quick to purchase it.

It turned out that this bench was a prototype bench, designed by Jean-Michel Willmotte  for the Richelieu Wing of The Louvre Museum, Paris France.  It is on display in our large front window along side our 7 1/2 foot tall silvered plaster nude by Fernard Guigner, originally designed for Henri Bendel in New York City during the 1930's and 1940's.

 Another piece with a history behind it is a huge 4 feet across Venini Chandelier that came out of the world trade center in Boston. 

In fact we have three other Murano Glass chandeliers hanging in the same window.

Over the bench we hung Our James Yoko oil painting circa 1960's abstraction.  I blogged a while ago about Yoko.  We have enjoyed having two of his paintings in our shop.  Lewis worked at one time in the art world in New York City and really does a fabulous job on our windows.  Oh course he does a great job of finding wonderful items for our store too!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


We want to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  Let 2011 be a year of fulfilled hope.  Is it the year of the toad?  Not really we just love this whimsical toad lamp.  Tony Duquette used toads like this.  Behind our cute toad lamp is a section of a really colorful and well done pallet knife painting from the 1960's.

One of our New year resolutions is to write more on our Blog.  Hopefully we will fulfill at least that resolution.
That will be easier to keep than diets....OH No!.... or going every day to the GYM. Happy New Year from Leigh and Lewis adds Happy New Year too.


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